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Parboiled rice processing machinery

  • Raw material:Carbon Steel , Stainless Steel
  • Capacity:1T/D,5T/D,10T/D,20T/D ETC.
  • Usage:parboiled rice processing
  • Delivery time:30 DAYS
  • After-sales service:FREE INSTRUCTION

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1.Introduction of parboiled rice processing machinery:

This processing line is studied in concern with the loss of nutritional elements in the rice which is made by the traditional rice processing. Rice and its by-products can be produced into high nutritional foods by additional nutrient copmponents before extrusion cooking. Further, by this process, the broken rice and rice bran can be reused. Process for making artificial rice grains, coprises mixing rice flour, water and oil and cooking them in extruder, forming into rice-grain shapes, drying and cooling in low temperature. The technique makes it feasible to avoid the loss of nutrition.


2.Raw Materials for parboiled rice processing machinery:

Adopts broken rice rice, corn, millet, wheat, oats, buckwheat, bean,starch as main ingredient,and some other vitamin and mineral as part of ingredient.

3.Capacity of parboiled rice processing machinery:

1. 100 - 120 kg/h

2. 200 - 240 kg/h

3. 400 - 500  kg/h

4. 1 ton/h

5. Up to your requirements.