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Corn/Maize Drying Machine

  • Raw material:Carbon Steel , Stainless Steel
  • Capacity:1T/D,5T/D,10T/D,20T/D ETC.
  • Usage:Corn,Wheat,Soybean,Rapeseed,Maize, Etc.
  • Delivery time:30 DAYS
  • After-sales service:FREE INSTRUCTION

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Working Principle of Grain Dry Plants

Put the grain into the dryerin batch,then the grain will be circulated orderly by the interaction of electric parts and structural parts.The hot air from the husk burner gets into the mixed-flow drying layer to pass through and heat the grain under the action of two electric fans.The air flows draw the moisture out of the grain.Then the exhaust gas is discharged out of the machine by the suction of exhaust fan.When the moisture reaching to the preset value,the drying process is over,the machine stops working.

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Technical Parameters of Grain Dry Plants

Model DW15H
Loading capacity Paddy(kg) 2300-15000
 Wheat(kg) 2700-15000
Weight (kg) 3000
Dimension(mm) H 9560
 L 4320
 W 2492
Ventilation Fan Model 4-72-6A
 Rated air  flow(m3/h) 6677-13353
Husk Burner(optional) Model indirect hot air heating(automatic temperature control)
 Ignition mode manual
 Fuel  consumption(kg/h  rice hull) 30-40
 Fuel rice hull,firewood,straw,anthracite
Electric Power Voltage/Frequrecy three phase 380V,single phase 220V/50Hz
 Total Motor power  (kw) 7.5
Function Loading  time(min) paddy 55-70
 wheat 50-65
 unloading  time(min) paddy 55-70
wheat 50-65
 Drying rate (%/h) 0.5-1.2
Device Safety Device full load buzzer,thermal-over relay,temperature  controller,hot air temperature sensor,overload protection  device,leakage protection device
 Standard Device online moisture monitor,grain temperature sensor,fault  removal sensor
 1.Specification is subject to change without notice.
 2.The parameters are just for reference.The moisture of the paddy is from 24% to 15% and  28% to 12.5% for wheat.Actual datas will be differed from variety,moisture content and  temperature.


Features& Function of Grain Dry Plants

1.Multifunctional design which is applied to paddy,wheat,corn,soybean,rapeseed and other seeds.The dryer adopts indirect heating which is non-pollution and can remove the dust in the grain;
2.Temperture&moisture are monitored throughout the complete duration of the work,automatically,safely and fleetly;
3.In order to avoid the excessive drying,then adopts the automatic water testing stopping devices; 
4.Burning the abandoned rice husk,firewood,straw,indirect heat extraction,clean hot air for drying material without any pollution;
5.Breakthrough Tower Drying Technology.This model adopts computer control,makes continuous drying,and achieves circulation drying;
6.Awarded the national patent techology and passed the quality system certification of the dryer;

Advantages of Grain Dry Plants

  1. Advanced batch-type& low-temperature circulation drying technology in counter flow---improve the drying speed and quality efficiently.

  2. Updated unloading structure design---Avoid blocking,leakage,grian remaining efficiently and ensure customers' earnings

  3. The quality of the dried grain is better than national stangard---It's proved that the crack rate is less than 3% and the grind rate is less than 0.5%,which are both superior to the national standard.

  4. Advanced indirect heating technology ----Non-pollution and can remove dust of the grain


Structure  of Grain Dry Plants


Product Display of Grain Dry Plants