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Edible Alcohol processing line

  • Raw material:Carbon Steel , Stainless Steel
  • Capacity:1T/D,5T/D,10T/D,20T/D ETC.
  • Usage:Edible Alcohol processing
  • Delivery time:30 DAYS
  • After-sales service:FREE INSTRUCTION

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1.Introduction of Edible Alcohol processing line:

This Program has the advantages of advanced-process, high-technology, energy-saving, and high-operable, and the main technology are: negative-pressured crushing technology by wind, double-enzyme liquefied saccharifying technology, multiple-use of waste heat technology, three-differential energy-saving distillation technology, molecular sieve dehydration technology, DCS control system, and etc.. It represents the technical strengths and advantages of our company.

2.Technical Design of Edible Alcohol processing line:

According to the use’s technical requirement, the production of fuel ethanol is 100,000 ton per year, the alcohol content of mash is 12% (V / V), and 24 hours continuous production. We put forward this design plan on the advanced technology, energy-saving, environmental protection, and fully application.

3.Process Description of Edible Alcohol processing line:

Five-Column Three-Effect Distillation Process




Our company designs and manufactures latestFive-Column Three-Effect Distillation equipment.This new process is promoted on the basis of traditional five-column differential-pressure column and mainly used for super-fine alcohol production.

The key of this process is the heating methods,the steam heats one column directly and transfers theheat to other 4 columnsto achieve three-effect thermal coupling and energy-saving effects.

In terms of electricityefficiency, it can save 50% electricity and avoid the repairing of circulating pumps and also extend the working life of there-boilers.

Double-Mash-Column Three-Effect Distillation Process


 Chinese largest manufacturer of edible alcohol production line from canna edulis ker material


This process applies to the production of general-grade alcohol& fuel ethanol, and it was awarded Chinese national patent, it is the onlysuccessfulapplicationof double mash column & three-effect in the world,which produces general-grade alcohol.

This process is composed by mash column, rectification column and composite column. The composite column functions as mash column and rectification column.

The key of this process is the heating methods: the steam heats one column directly and transfers the heat to other 2 columns to achieve three-effect thermal coupling and energy-saving effects.

The advantage of this process is energy-saving;it saves over 40% steam

4.Successful Cases of Edible Alcohol processing line: