Importance of corn germ sorting machine in corn processing flow
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The importance of corn germ sorting machine in the processing flow of complete sets of corn processing equipment. The biggest difference between the processing technology of the complete set of corn processing equipment compared with the processing technology of the flour machine lies in the need to experience a very critical step in the process of corn processing, which is the embryo selection of the embryo. Because the corn germ contains rich oil, if it does not separate it, it will have a certain effect on the quality of the late corn flour, corn flour and corn. Therefore, corn germ sorting machine is particularly important in the whole process of corn processing equipment.


The corn processing equipment is to make use of the specific gravity of the germ and corn ballast and the suspension speed to promote the classification of the germ and corn ballast by the air flow through the germ gap upward. Under the action of the sieve plate of directional tilt and rotation, the corn ballast floating on the upper layer is driven to the material under the action of gravity. The flow of the ends of the mouth separates the corn from the germ.


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