Corn processing equipment has led to the development of agricultural economy
Source: DOWIN MACHINERY     Date: 2018-08-03 09:30:34     View:

The emergence of corn processing equipment has promoted the development of agricultural economy. In recent years, the market value of corn processing equipment has been greatly improved. Take starch as an example, output value accounts for 85.6% of the total starch output value of the whole country, which is increasing at an annual rate of 14%. And the automation level, production scale, utilization ratio and yield of machine have been greatly improved.

The high skill level of homemade denaturation is the key point for the development of corn processing equipment company in the future. It is necessary to develop the energy saving, environmental protection, all dry corn processing skills and the skills and equipment of high value-added corn processing goods. In this case, the development of the corn processing equipment is very good and the whole agriculture is moved development.


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