Basic principles of corn processing equipment industry
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What are the basic principles that should be understood in the industry of corn processing equipment? In order to ensure food safety and improve the efficiency of resource utilization, the relevant industrial departments have formulated the strict access standards for the current development of the corn processing equipment industry. The basic principles that should be understood in the corn processing equipment industry are:

1, control the scale and coordinate the development. The blind investment in maize processing equipment and the low level of repetitive construction are strictly controlled, and the momentum of rapid development is firmly suppressed so as to adapt its development to the domestic corn production capacity.


2, reasonable layout, optimize the structure. Optimize the layout of feed processing industry and corn processing industry. The development of corn processing equipment industry should be based on the basic idea of meeting the domestic market demand, strengthen the necessary control of the initial processing of corn and the export of some deep processed products, and avoid the shortage of domestic corn resources.


3, circular economy, comprehensive utilization. We should adhere to the concept of circular economy, accelerate the structure adjustment of the industry, adhere to the level of the scale, improve the utilization level and benefit of resources, reduce the emission of pollutants, reduce the energy consumption and material consumption of the unit products. The purpose of cleaning the grain is to improve the technological efficiency of the corn processing equipment, to ensure the safety of production, to improve the purity of the product and to ensure the health of the body.


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