Introduction of gravity stone cleaning machine
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The stone cleaning machine is different from the specific gravity of the grain and the shoulder stone and the suspension velocity. With the aid of the clearance flow through the grain flow through grain flow, the grain and the shoulder stone are classified and heavy in the lower layer. The two are separated from the opposite direction under the action of the reciprocating movement sieve plate, and the shoulder stone is separated from the grain.


The machine adopts vibration motor drive mechanism, it runs smoothly, firmly and reliably, has stable process performance, small vibration noise, no dust spillover, and convenient operation and maintenance.


It is convenient to adjust air pressure and wind pressure, with a large display device, with a large light suction hood, the material movement is fully equipped with advanced light observation, the two sides of the screen are equipped with four cleaning hand holes to clean up, and the stone sieve surface is inclined angle cocoa and the range is 7-9 degrees, so the machine can reach the stone effect within the range of output fluctuation. Fruit and used for removing different kinds of grain, coarse cereals, oils, fats, feedstuffs and other chemicals.


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