Performance improvement of graded stone cleaning machine
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This Machine is an indispensable equipment for wheat processing, cleaning wheat in gravel and other heavy impurities. There are two main types of stone removing machines produced in China, one is a single layer to the stone plate, the other is the classification of the stone machine with the classification function (plus one layer of the screen surface). With the continuous development of the technology and application of stone cleaning equipment, because of the advantages of the latter and the good work effect, the current flour mill is mainly used by the  type gravity classification machine.


This type machine is the proportion of grade series at the end of the last century our country developed in the digestion and absorption on the basis of. In the late 80s of last century, the flour mill introduced the first machine from the Simon company of England, called the gravity classifier, the size of the machine was 80, the use effect was very good, then Factory made a successful imitation production and sold the domestic flour enterprises. Almost the same period of Beijing grain and palm oil proessing machinery factory has introduced 125 type gravity classifier from the British Simon company, the production of digestion and absorption. In the early 90s, under the technical support of the grain and oil machinery Department of Zhengzhou grain Institute, Kaifeng City lush machinery company carried out a lot of research and completed a series of development innovations, including 60, 80, 100, 125, 150 and other specifications, and carried out the rice, corn, beans, buckwheat, and big buckwheat outside the wheat. Application of work capacity and effect test of wheat, sesame and other cereals, a large number of marketing gradually used in national grain and oil processing industry. At present, China has nearly ten grain factory production of this kind of stone cleaning equipment, the use effect is good, make a contribution for the development of rice processing machine industry.


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