A brief introduction to the rice hulling machine
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Product Description: the rice hulling machine is made of aluminum alloy, made of one-time casting and brass skin. With appropriate rubber rolls, the roller tighten device and air quantity adjusting device are fitted to the rough type of rice, which can be adjusted to more than 99% of the disposable shelling under different types of rice, and the rice grain and the husk shell are separated clean, and the grain is not broken, hairy, and not black.


The rice hulling machine has beautiful shape, sturdy and durable, small volume, light weight, simple operation, easy to carry, simple replacement and decoration parts, stable mechanical performance, small noise, fast roughness, and Grade Verification of various kinds of rice, the index all meets the requirements of the new national standard of GB1350-1999 and GB/T17891-1999.

Technical parameter 

1. The size of the shell of the machine: 208 x 140 x 207mm

2. Motor voltage: 220V; power 150W; speed 5500r/min

3. The size of the cots: 40 x 45mm

4, bearing type 18 (four) 25 (one)

5. The weight of the rice hulling machine: 3.5kg

Main uses: inspecting the rice husk machine is widely used in grain, seed, agricultural grain colleges, commodity inspection and scientific research departments to test the roughness of rice, the quality of rice, the viability of seed storage and the rapid germination test.


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