The structure and working principle of the stone cleaning machine
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The structure and working principle of the stone cleaning machine

First of all, we must first understand the basic principle of specific gravity stone cleaning machine . This machine is suitable for a variety of grain seeds, such as wheat, beans, rice, sorghum, etc. after the removal of large and small impurities, using the characteristics of different specific gravity, using wind blowing, sieving and other treatment methods to separate grain crops from large and small solid impurities. These are the general principles of working for stone cleaning machines, which can refer to the technical references provided by the technicians.


After understanding the basic principle of the proportion of the stone cleaning machine, then we need to know the internal structure of the gravity de stone machine, so it is more convenient for us to know what the stone cleaning machine is made of. It is convenient for us to make a more suitable and concise maintenance method for the failure of the stone machine. The gravity remover is made up of a feed suction device, a hopper, a suction hood, a sieve, an eccentric drive, a rocking mechanism, a frame, and so on. I believe that the friends of the stone cleaning machine do not know much about the internal structure, so I will say what the role of each part is.


No matter how complicated the structure is, we only need to know what the purpose is ultimately to know the connection between them. In the feed and suction device, the grain is loosely suspended on the stone slab, but the material layer is not blown through. Adjust the intake air throttle to adjust, the intake air suction device on the throttle is to play such a role. Storage hopper, suction hood, sieve body three together, grain in the storage hopper, suction hood, sieve body joint action, through eccentric transmission, shake mechanism, impurities stone and grain to leave, so as to achieve the role of stone.


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