Small rice combined rice milling machine
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Small rice combination rice milling machine is suitable for self-employed rice mills and farmers. The equipment is automatically carried out from Inatani Kiyori, stone removal, shelling, coarse grain separation, milling, polishing and whitening, white rice classification, and rice husk crushing.


The whole machine is beautiful in appearance, compact in structure, small in occupation area, and has no place to store rice. It has the advantages of high rice production rate, less broken rice and low power consumption. The rice can get the standard finished rice by one process.


1, the single rice milling machine combined connection transmission, the use of lifting equipment less, low power, broken rice less, small footprint, price and similar models cheaper.


2, no amount of rice can also be processed (10 kilograms of rice can also be processed, most of the 0.5KG in the machine); the working process is short, the machine opens the rice, the tail is fast (time saving, less electricity).


3, with polishing, high smoothness of rice, and 40 types of white rice sieves, it can remove a small amount of fine rice and half head rice that may appear in rice.


4, in addition, should be required to support the external rice bran crusher (can be selected) to make the operation more simple and economical and practical.


5. The layout is reasonable and the operation is simple. When processing, there is no need to move around.


6. This complete set of rice milling machine is the preferred mechanical product of some small rice processing households because of its complete function.

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