Daily maintenance of rice milling machine
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Rice milling machine is a kind of grain processing equipment. We need regular maintenance in order to prolong the service life of rice milling machine. Let's briefly introduce the maintenance of rice milling machine.


1 rice milling machine must maintain a certain degree of dryness, the general moisture content should not exceed 14%&15%. When the moisture content of rice is too high, the rice grain is broken, which affects rice quality and consumption power increases.


2, we should pay attention to check whether there are nails, stones and other debris in the rice, so as not to enter the whitening room to cause blockage or damage the rice screen.


3 check the machine parts such as rice sieve, rice knife and cylinder core before starting the machine to see if the bolts and nuts are tightened.


4 turn the roller before opening the rice processing machine to see if there is a card.


5 turn on the empty load to the normal speed when starting, then pour the rice into the hopper, and pay attention to the operation of the rice mill at any time.


6 every day after work, check the rice milling machine and supporting facilities, find that the problem is handled in a timely manner to ensure that the rice mill is always in good condition.


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