How to clean up the combined rice milling machine
Source: DOWIN MACHINERY     Date: 2018-06-01 08:41:37     View:

When the combined rice milling machine  is used, it must be cleaned up. So how to clean the combined rice mill?


1. The cleaning screen should be smooth, intact, stable and free from abnormal noise.


2, pay attention to checking the contents of grain in the sieve, and find out the cause and correct it if there is too much grain.


3. When the sieve is blocked, no iron or hard objects should be struck. The long plate brush can be used to remove the blockage. The cracked surface of the screen should be repaired or replaced in time.

4. There should be no collision sound in the operation of the fan. After feeding, check raw materials containing stones, impurities and stone discharge and miscellaneous conditions. For example, if there is too much grain in sand and gravel, the cause should be identified and eliminated.


5. The sieve plate and air door of stone removing machine should be kept unblocked. The screen hole should be cleaned with wire brush.


6. When adjusting eccentric rotation mechanism, the rubber pad fastening device should be loosened, adjusted and tightened so that it is in an unprestressed state.


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