Structural composition of the stone removing machine
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The company is a large company with rice milling machine, stone machine, combination of the research and development, design, production and sales of rice milling machine.


1. intake port, 2. feed hopper; 3. feed adjustment handwheel; 4. air guide plate, 5. outlet.6. intake regulating device; 7. wind turbine; 8. eccentric drive mechanism; 9. out of stone mouth; 10. selection chamber; 11. hanger rod; 12. homogenizing plate: 13. stone sieve surface; 14. buffer uniform plate suction specific gravity de stone cleaning machine its structure and blow type are basically the same, only self free fan, in de stone The screen is equipped with a well ventilating air hood and suction pipe, which is connected with the fan of the ventilation net of the processing factory, and when the dust is not raised, it is used more. In order to simplify the structure and make it easy to make, in some countries, the sieve surface of the stone cleaning machine is mostly made of steel wire with a diameter of L millimeter, and the sieve body is supported by spring. It is driven by a vibrating motor.


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