The structure and main use of rice milling machine
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Rice milling machine is mainly composed of four parts, such as rice machine, pulverizer, motor and frame. The machine mainly consists of the cover, the middle seat, the machine seat, the rice roll, the rice screen, the rice knife, the feed hopper, the sieves, the belt pulley and the adjusting device. The grinder mainly consists of hopper, mill shell and hopper.


The rice milling part of the rice milling machine can be processed into rice at once, and the rice, chaff and broken rice can be separated. The crushing part can be used to crush rice, corn, sorghum, beans, potatoes, stalks and beating. But the water content and impurity of the processed material will directly affect the quality of the rice and machine, the load, and other effects will lead to the contrary to the intended use of the rice processing machine.

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