Attention to the use of stone cleaning machine
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First of all, we know that the function of the stone removing machine is through the effect of wind, and the classification of wheat and gravel is achieved by the different characteristics of the density and suspension speed of the wheat and sand.


What should be paid attention to in the use of the stone cleaning machine? The little editor is now explaining it to you.


1, we know that the wind speed and wind pressure in the stone machine directly affect the effect of rock removal, so it must be equipped with a separate wind network to ensure stability and sufficient air pressure and wind pressure.


2. The stone cleaning machine has soft connection on the inlet and outlet and the air duct. Once the damage is caused, the air volume and wind pressure of the machine are unstable, which will affect the stone removal effect.


3, we should pay attention to the size of the angle of the sifting surface, and the stone is easy to climb, while more heavy wheat also climbs to the row of stone, and the angle of the sifter is large, so the stone is difficult to climb, the stone section is elongated, and some stones will flow to the wheat exit with the wheat flow.


4, long term use of screen surface, woven ripple grinding stone easily slipped on the screen, jumping difficult, unable to climb, discharge, easy to flow with the material flow to wheat export, affecting the effect of stone removal. The stone screen must be replaced at this time.



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