Vertical rice polishing machine
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The utility model patent is a new type of rice processing equipment without any additives, which removes rice bran powder and improves the quality grade of rice. At present, the rice polishing machine used in China is mostly horizontal or double roll vertical structure, and the main workpiece polishing roll adopts the technology of cloth reinforcement. It has large volume, large energy consumption, complex structure, high manufacturing cost, high crushing rate in the production of rice, and the effect is not ideal. The machine conquered many technical problems and overcome the above problems.

The weakness of the system makes it simple and efficient. For the manufacturers of production equipment, the cost of production is greatly reduced. As far as the weight of the whole machine is concerned, the machine has only 1/3 of the weight of other meters, and the production material is wide, easy to take, the price is reasonable, and the manufacturing is simple, so the 
rice polishing machine produced can be accepted by the vast number of users. The rice machine model can be large and small, and can be sized according to the needs of users. I am now using the small rice milling machine to provide users with a good response to trial. To sum up, the patented technology can bring huge investment returns to manufacturers, especially manufacturers on a large scale.


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