Preparation of rice milling machine before starting
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Rice milling machine is a machine that uses mechanical force to peel and whiten brown rice. Do you know what preparations should be made before the rice milling machine starts? The next Xiaobian for you to talk about the rice mill before the start of the preparatory work.


1, the rice milling machine should be installed smoothly before the machine is opened, check the parts are normal, the parts and their connections have no loosening, the belt looseness is suitable, the belt must be used to pull the belt flexibly, pay attention to the lubrication of the transmission parts, and the above parts can start the switch after checking the normal.


2. Remove any debris (such as stone, iron, etc.) in the rice to be crushed, so that there will not be too long stones and iron blocks to avoid accidents. Check whether the dry and wet degree of rice meets the requirements, then insert the rice bucket board into the rice hopper


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