Structure and classification of rice polisher (2)
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MCMGl4 type rice polishing machine


The structure of the machine is shown in Figure 4. The polishing room is a form of suspension structure. It is more convenient outside the frame box. It is made up of full polyurethane polishing roller, low speed rotating hexagonal sieve and hollow spindle. The outlet of rice is at the end of the shaft, and the pressure of the polishing room is adjusted through the spring pressure door. The other end of the shaft is connected with the outlet of the air blower fan, and the high pressure air produced by the fan is sprayed into the polishing chamber through the hollow shaft and the spray air trough on the polishing roll. The lower part of the polishing room has a sucking chaff separator, and the ultrasonic atomizing device is used to spray water on the rice grain, so that the grain is fully, evenly humid and polished, so as to get clean and crystal clear. Fine white rice.

MPMD type white rice polishing machine

Its structure is shown in Figure 5, which is mainly composed of feeding device, spray device, polishing chamber, air blower fan and rack. The polishing chamber consists of two screw pusher, two polishing rolls, rice sieve and spindle. The spiral thruster and the polishing roller are arranged in order in order, and the front and back polishing chambers are formed with the garden curved rice sieves. 8 polyurethane polishing belts are mounted on each of the polished rollers. The spindle is a hollow shaft, and the shaft end is connected with the fan outlet to realize the air jet polishing. The atomizing chamber is positioned below the hopper, and the rice grains are polished into water and then polished into the polishing chamber. There are two ways to spray water. One is to use air source (air compressor) to atomize liquid with air pressure. The other is to use water pump to pressurize liquid atomization. The rice polishing machine is also equipped with constant temperature quantitative box, which can heat the liquid and spray water into the rice grain to achieve better polishing effect.


Although the structure of several kinds of rice polisher is different, the basic mechanism of the rice polishing machine is the same. With the understanding and understanding of rice polishing technology and the processing of fine rice, the director of each family will develop and develop a new and better processing of rice. Prepare.

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