Structure and classification of rice polisher
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MP18/15 rice polishing machine


The machine adopts double roller combination structure, mainly composed of pre polished chamber, polishing chamber, water tank, water switch, infusion tube and so on (Fig. 1). The pre polished chamber plays the role of chaff and heating, consisting of an iron roller with a diameter of 150mm, a length of 580mm and a peripheral rice sieve. The polishing chamber consists of a nylon brush polishing roller (iron roller body) with a diameter of 180mm and a length of 660mm, and a peripheral rice sieve. The top of the machine is equipped with water tank and liquid is directly dripped into the polishing chamber through the medical rubber infusion tube for water processing. After polished by polished chamber, the surface of starch is gelatinization, resulting in obvious luster on the surface of rice.



MPGF rice polishing machine


The overall structure is shown in Figure 2. It is mainly composed of atomizing device, feeding device, polishing chamber and air injection system. Atomizing device adopts air compressor spray form. The high pressure air produced by the air compressor is sprayed into the feed box after the spray head atomized. The polishing room is composed of two spiral thrusters, two polished rolls with polyurethane belt and outer rice sieves. The high-pressure air ejected from the blower fan enters the polishing chamber through the hollow shaft of the polishing roller, which increases the roll of rice grains and promotes the chaff. When the white rice enters the hopper, it is atomized by the water to moisten the rice, so that the bran powder is gathered on the surface of the rice grain, and then the grain is rolled and polished through the friction of the polishing roll, thus the clean and glittering and glittering finished rice is obtained.



MPGT1 8 type white rice polishing machine


It is an iron roller blower rice polishing machine. Its structure, as shown in Figure 3, is mainly composed of storage hopper, spray device, polishing room, blower fan, body and other parts. The air compressor is used to spray the water. There are two kinds of water. One is the spray hopper above the storage hopper. The material is first sprayed into the storage hopper and in the storage hopper. It is stored for a period of time to moisten the rice, then enter the polishing room, the other is to place the sprinkler at the bottom of the hopper for fog treatment, and the material is directly into the polishing room after the fog. The polishing room is composed of a spiral propeller, two iron casting rolls and a peripheral rice sieve. Through the spray of water, rice enters the polishing room. Through the rotation movement of the polishing roll in the polishing room, the rice grains are constantly rolled and rubbed and rubbed, and the bran powder is erased on the surface of the grain, and the bran powder and water are discharged from the polishing chamber under the action of the high pressure fan, thus the clean finished refined rice is obtained.

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