Analysis and prediction of the development of food machinery(2)
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The combined rice milling machine was developed in the late 80s and early 90s in the last century. Now the annual output has reached more than 10000 sets. In the next period, it has a strong momentum of development.


Relevant experts point out that small and medium sized rice machinery and refined rice machinery are very popular because of improving the precision of rice processing. It has developed rapidly in recent years and will be very good in the future.


According to industry experts, the annual demand for rice milling equipment will reach 0.5 to 10 thousand sets during the "fifteen" period.


At present, the vast rural areas are still using small flour processing units, so the quantity and production of small units account for a large proportion, which can meet the needs of the vast rural market. However, with the development of economy and the improvement of people's living standard, the demand for high-grade flour has increased rapidly, and many small mills have been unable to meet the requirements. In the past ten years, the demand for flour has changed little, but the demand for high quality flour is increasing, the production of standard powder has dropped to less than 20%, and the proportion of special one and special two powder has increased further. At present, the processing capacity of flour enterprises is excess, and the production of flour is less than 40% of the processing capacity. Therefore, the experts point out that the flour enterprises should make technical transformation and improve the product level to achieve certain economic benefits. This gives a new requirement to the flour processing machinery.

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