Market analysis of rice polishing(2)
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If 200 million tons of rice are processed each year in the country, the amount of polished rice is 3 million 350 thousand tons, the economic loss is 8 billion 40 million yuan, and the loss of polished rice is almost the area of Liaoning (643 thousand hectares) of rice, which is equivalent to the total annual rice consumption of Shanxi province (32 million 940 thousand population).


The loss of electrical energy is heartache. The total power of four rice polisher is 368.8 kilowatts, and the power consumption of polished rice is 52.69 kilowatts per ton. According to the calculation of 0.6 yuan per kilowatt, the electricity charge per ton of polished rice is 31.61 yuan. The whole province processes 4 million 20 thousand tons of rice per year, and the electricity charge for polishing is 127 million 72 thousand and 200 yuan. When the enterprise processes 20 thousand tons of rice per year, the electricity charge is about 632 thousand and 200 yuan. According to the above calculation method, the total loss of polished electricity was 4 billion 235 million 740 thousand yuan when the country processed 134 million tons of rice.


The loss of nutrition makes people heartache. From the perspective of nutrition, the cortex and embryo of rice brown rice are rich in nutrients such as fat, cellulose, minerals and vitamins. After the rice hulling machine from rice husk is brown rice, brown rice pericarp, testa and structure by embryo, aleurone and endosperm. Rice husk, containing 18%-20% 1.2%-1.5% of pericarp and testa, embryo and aleurone layer, 66%-70% 2%-3.5% 4%-6% of the endosperm. Except starch, more than 60% of the nutrients in rice are concentrated in the embryo and cortex. Therefore, many nutrients in rice, such as lysine, threonine, vitamin B1, B2, B5, B6, and other minerals and dietary fiber are essential for the human body, and have functional physiological activity, and easy to absorb after eating. If eaten daily polished rice, it is easy to cause vitamin B deficiency, susceptible to beriberi, neuritis, cheilitis, keratitis, constipation and other diseases. There is even a lack of potassium, iron, calcium and other nutrients.


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