Market analysis of rice polishing
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Jilin is one of the main rice producing areas in the north. The rice planting area and output increase year by year. At the end of 2014, it reaches 12 million mu and about 6000000 tons respectively. With the continuous deepening of the reform of the grain circulation system and the quickening of the process of the market for grain purchase, the rice processing machine industry has been growing and growing, and the processing enterprises have reached more than 1200. It is of great significance to the rural and agricultural economic development, the increase of farmers' income and the prosperity of the well-off.


In recent years, rice processing equipment has been improved, and the degree of deep processing of rice has been improving. The application of rice milling equipment is more and more widely and popularized. However, with the increasingly fierce competition in the rice market, the polishing process of rice is more and more refined and excessive polishing occurs. The industry called it: "rolling, rolling and grinding again." In the 90s of last century, a polishing process has been developed to continuous polishing with 5-6 rice polisher, and there is still an increasing trend. The rice thrown out of this way is commonly known as "Mi core". "The rice nuclear" bright, sparkling, to attract consumers, and even have the appetite. As a matter of fact, polishing only makes a good sale. It is not clear that polishing causes a serious loss of edible substances and leads to a serious waste of food.


According to the survey results of 10 rice polishing and processing enterprises, the number of rice polishing machines in each enterprise varies from 3-6 stations to 4 polished machines, and the amount of polished rice is about 25 kg per ton. The annual output of rice in our province is about 6000000 tons, the rate of rice yield is 67%, the annual output of rice is 4 million 20 thousand tons, the loss of polishing is 100 thousand and 500 tons, and the rice is calculated at 4400 yuan per ton, and the loss is up to 442 million 200 thousand yuan. The recovery of rice powder is 201 million yuan, and the actual loss is 241 million 200 thousand yuan. According to the calculation of 0.1 tons of rice per person per year, 100 thousand and 500 tons of rice is exactly 1 million 5 thousand people a year of consumption, almost equivalent to the annual consumption of rice in Liaoyuan (1 million 170 thousand population). The conversion of 100 thousand and 500 tons of rice into rice is 150 thousand tons, which is calculated by 8 tons per hectare of rice, and the loss is equivalent to 18750 hectares of land, which is more than more than 5000 hectares more than all rice planting area (13333 HA) in Dongfeng County. The actual annual processing volume of the province is more than 2 times that of the above data, and the rice loss is 220 thousand tons per year.

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